Activities & near by sights

The Peloponnese, with its diverse landscapes, offers literally hundreds of different activities, and Tolo is an ideal place to stay for lovers of the sun and the beach. Tolo is also ideal for children. For those who do not confine themselves to a simple beach holiday, there are many things to do in Tolo and the surrounding area. Here’s a list to get an idea, there are many more activities.

Rafting in Peloponnese

Organized rafting and kayaking are located in the center of Peloponnese in the region of Arcadia, through a beautiful gorge.

Kite Surf

Regardless of the age and physical condition of each participant, kite surf is a sport in which anyone can initiate, quickly and economically. The thermal winds and shallow waters of the Argolic Gulf are an ideal destination for fast learning, from mid April to late October each year.

Pegasus Cruises

The company PEGASUS CRUISES is an established, friendly, family company based in TOLO offering comfortable one-day cruises to the traditional islands of Argosaronic, Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Agistri, the canal of Isthmus and the historic castle of Monemvasia.

Kite Surf

Our vision is to guide our customers through innovation, new ways of diving, our high-tech equipment and our safe yachts. Our mission in the Diving center Intro Dive is to offer to everyone from the beginner to the professional scuba instructor The best training with the best materials available.


The first capital of Greece

A beautiful city in the Peloponnese. Full of history and beautiful places. Visit the castle of Palamidiou or the sea fort of Bourtzi.

About 15 minutes from Tolo.


The ancient Theatre of Epidayrou

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is considered to be among the best if not the best theatre of acoustics. It was built on the western part of the village of Kinortios, near Ligourio.

About 45 minutes from Tolo.


The city that's been around for a whole season.

Mycenae, 2000 Years B.C. was one of the largest centers of Greek civilization, the period from 1600 to 1100 B.C. In history, it is called Mycenean since the city dominated and was in its prime. Also known, for the vaulted graves and the lion Gate.

About 30 minutes from Tolo


Acropolis of Asinis

A relatively small archeological site in the area of Tolo. Ancient Asini is located on a hill outside Tolo, with a recently renovated interactive presentation of the area and with a wonderful view of the village, the sea and the surrounding beaches.

About 5 minutes from Tolo