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Akrotopi , is located in Tolo, our goal is to introduce our guests to a brand-new hospitality experience crafted around the concept of Philoxenia. If there is one Greek word that everyone should know it is this word–“philoxenia”–literally translated as “friend to the stranger” but a lot deeper than that. In ancient Greece hospitality was a value ranking high on the list of virtues–there were great respect and honor bestowed from host to guest. There were ancient inns and boarding houses but they were considered lowly. Most people had an organic network of contacts around Greece where a friend of a friend of a friend would show up at your doorstep and the host was dutifully bound to offer hospitality, food, drink, and a bath before even any questions were asked to ensure the guest(s) were totally comfortable. The guest too was bound to be courteous, polite and not be burdensome to the host.


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