1. Loukoumakia

You can give yourself a treat with a few loukoumakia, the little traditional bites of pleasure. The locals have it usually with their coffee, since it’s a light dessert. It’s made of must from the vines of the region and it’s covered with roasted almond crumbs.

2. Diples

Diples is a popular dessert in the whole of the Peloponnese, but the Kalamata version has an extra twist. The talented women of the region thought of adding some refreshing orange zest, which makes a yummy difference.

3. Halvas

The region of the Peloponnese is famous for its imaginative sweet recipes and the traditional halvas dessert proves it. The region’s version contains saffron, which makes it even tastier, and it’s sprinkled with cinnamon and almond crumbs.

4. Kourabiedes

Kourabiedes are traditional Greek Christmas biscuits. The locals add almonds to the recipe, which blend perfectly with the biscuits’ texture and give you the most rewarding taste.

5. Monemvassia Amygdalota

The Greek version of marzipan is very popular in the town of Monemvassia. These small sweet bites are full of bitter orange blossoms and have their own history. The housewives could only find this valuable blossom water at the castle’s cauldron, which made it a sweet for special occasions.


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