Food and Drink


1. Loukoumakia You can give yourself a treat with a few loukoumakia, the little traditional bites of pleasure. The locals have it usually with their coffee, since it’s a light dessert. It’s made of must from the vines of the … Read More

Traditional dishes

1. Gogkles The Greek version of pasta awaits you in Argolida, as well as in the other areas of the Peloponnese. It’s a handmade type of pasta that’s in the shape of a seashell and it’s not that easy to … Read More

Types of cheese

1. Peloponnesian Feta PDO Don’t miss the authentic Greek cheese that’s present on every table in the Peloponnese. It’s the cheese that represents Greece since the ancient times and you can taste it in several variations, in several places. 2. … Read More

Alternative activities

1. Visit an Ouzo distillery Would you like to see how the famous ouzo is made? Then a trip to Karonis Distilleries is a must. Who Are Karonis? A family run business, Karonis is a distillery that has been continually … Read More