Traditional dishes

1. Gogkles

The Greek version of pasta awaits you in Argolida, as well as in the other areas of the Peloponnese. It’s a handmade type of pasta that’s in the shape of a seashell and it’s not that easy to make, though it’s easy to love.

2. Bogana

If you want to make the most of your hull bean pot, then you should make the traditional recipe of Nafplio. Bogana is a delicious dish with lamb and potatoes, which literally melts in your mouth.

3. Wholeweat Trahanas

Trahanas is the basic type of pasta that Greece has to offer and it’s popular in many villages of the Peloponnese, mostly in the alpine regions. It’s traditionally served with olives and bread.

4. Red Mullets

If you want to have a taste of summer, you should eat some red mullets at a traditional taverna. This type of fresh fish goes well with some tsipouro, the Greek version of grappa, and the lovely shades of the cute tavernas.

5. Piglet with Sweet Balsamic

The fusion of savory and sweet is something that’s evident in the traditional cuisine of Corinthia and Argolida. The tender pork is marinated with Agiorgitiko wine, a mix of vegetables, honey, and petimezi, which is the Greek version of balsamic. This blend of ingredients creates a 5 star dish.


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